jeudi 20 novembre 2008

Flex: using multiple remoting-config.xml file with BlaseDS

Recently, I worked on a Java / Flex project using BlaseDS and I was quite surprised to discover It was not easy to split remote object definitions on separate configuration files. Every remoting object has to be listed in a single configuration file located in "/WEB-INF/flex/remoting-config.xml".

This is really not convenient in cases where remote objects come from different dev teams or third party librairies. I would expect BlaseDS to discover at runtime its remoting configuration.

So I wrote a simple BlaseDS service that discover any "META-INF/remoting-confg.xml" file in the classpath and register any declared remote object with the remoting service. I basically created a new Flex service that inherits from ''.

The simplified procedure is :
  1. look up remoting service from broker.
  2. list any existing 'META-INF/remoting-config.xml' file.
  3. parse config files and create destinations (using '').
  4. register created destination with flex remoting service (using '').
Unfortunately I had to write my own SAXHandler to parse configuration file. I would have preffered to reuse code but I was unable to find a simple way to parse only a subset of configuration files.

You can download implementation.

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